What are the defining qualities you possess that you belief your mate my find appealing? In other words what is it about you that you believe the person you desire will love (bond over)?

My powers of teleportation and water bending


Haruka & Michiru: Rose Petals & Picturesque / Classier Than You

bending extensions part 1 | asked by x


Lightning & Serah

Nana posing for MIXXO’s Disney Collection ^.^

What's the youngest and oldest age limit for a guy you would consider dating?

23/24 to early 40s

Cardcaptor Sakura | cards: wood & sand.


Delicate Paper Sculptures Suspended in Mid-Air by Peter Gentenaar

I saw a picture on instagram of a guy’s penis inside someone else’s knee pit and I can’t stop laughing about it

Heathers: The  Musical  “Candy Store” - in the recording studio (x)